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Youth Sports in Nipomo

Nipomo Recreation organizes and runs the Winter Basketball League only.

Nipomo Recreation Youth Basketball League – Boys & Girls 1st to 8th grades

Go to for more info.


All other youth sports listed are run by various parent volunteer groups.
See contact info below:



Nipomo Little League – All kids 5 to 15 years  – Registration November/January




















Nipomo Youth Softball League – Girls 5 to 18 years

Click here – Registration October-January


Nipomo Cowboys Football and Cheerleading – 8 to 14 years ** Registration April/May ** Cheerleaders 2nd-8th grade


Nipomo AYSO Region 716 – Boys & Girls 3 to 14 years
Call 314-1410 ** Click here to pre-register online.



Arroyo Grande Youth Volleyball at Elm Street Park

United States Youth Volleyball League

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? (805) 929-5437